The Book “Alim Qasimov in Sixty Years”, introduces sixty years of life and continuous artistic activities of Master Alim Qasimov (well-known music genius of East). Although very valuable activities and queries including books, comments, international articles and specified national music conferences have concentrated on introduction of individual artistic features and perdurable works of this master musician, East culture and Azerbaijani traditional music, there is not an integrated collection concerning history of his crucial life facts and activities. Therefore, the publishing group has collected articles, archive images, facts and the other related sources from 180 countries. It's worth-noting that collection of this information was not feasible due to language varieties of world and the remarkable number of Alim Qasimov activities. This collection was significantly supported by Alim Qasimov and his precious wife Tamila Aslanova and ultimately an accepted number of verified information was collected.The first idea on this book publication traces back to 60th birthday of Alim Qasimov (in 2017) and its design and collection lasted during about 3 years (2020). In all above-mentioned steps, various executive groups of France, Azerbaijan and Iran have made all their best attempts to offer a high-quality book deserving his status to the audience.This Book intends to present a collection of related international articles, posters, international concerts, awards, medals of Honor, the produced international music works, and crucial archive images of his family and artistic life, including eight parts (introduced in the book headlines). Also, due to language varieties of the collected information, they were translated with absolute precision.At the end, we are grateful to supports and kindness of the related international institutes including Cultural Department of ECO in Middle East, ICOM International Society, AAA Association, Cultural Department of Azerbaijan Embassy in Paris, SAFPEM Institute (in Middle East-Canada-France-Africa), FMICA Organizers Association in France, National Deeds Archive Department of Azerbaijan, National music Conservatory of Baku, TITRA Music Company, STORIA Productions, artists and dear relatives and family of Alim Qasimov. Hopefully, this Group shall record precious works and attempts of East people and introduce them worldwide. Saeed Khavar Nejad(Author & Project Director)

ALIM QASIMOV in sixty years 1959 - 2020

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